Q & A

1. Getting Private key file is encrypted paramiko error

Try the following:

2. How to upgrade OS

This roughly boils to:

  1. Restrict service access.

    $ webscaff off

  2. Backup data.

    $ webscaff run.backup


    If you use a cloud service this may also prove disk images/backups.

  3. Start OS upgrade procedure.

    $ webscaff sys.utils.os-upgrade

  4. Upgrade PostgreSQL cluster.

    $ webscaff sys.pg.cluster-upgrade X


    Where X is a previous PG version to upgrade from, e.g 12.

  5. Cleanup from unused packages.

    $ webscaff sys.apt.autoremove

  6. Upgrade virtual environment to use a new system Python version.

    $ webscaff run.venv.repopulate

  7. Restart your service.

    $ webscaff restart


    Use $ webscaff log in a separate terminal window to see how the restart is happening.